• Opportunity to make professional contacts through mentoring and attending yearly conventions
  • Complimentary subscription to the ArOA newsletter to help you keep up with new developments in the profession of optometry
  • Free registration for the spring and fall meeting
  • For more information on our Conventions, please visit our upcoming events page.
  • Placement assistance program
  • Access to ArOA staff and resources
  • Grow professionally
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Representation in the Arkansas Optometric Association Board meetings
  • Participate in the ongoing educational experience
  • Easier transition into full membership after licensing
  • Early involvement leading to a more informed professional

Student Membership Application

SCHOLARSHIPS - Due May 30, 2022

 William H. Townsend Scholarship Application

Dr. Milton Webb Optometric Leadership and Service Scholarship application

Dr. George A. Haas Scholarship given by the Arkansas Eye Associates

Read more about the scholarships here.

STATE BOARD EXAMS - June 23, 2022

June Licensure State Boards

State board examinations will take place on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Click here for an application and checklist of required documents. If you have any questions, please contact the Board office at 501-534-6139 or

If you plan to also test for Advanced Procedure credentialling, you will need to submit that application and fee separately. 

June Advanced Procedure Credentialing Examinations

Examinations for Advanced Procedure credentialling will take place on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Click here for an application and a list of education requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the Board office at 501-534-6139 or

 The deadline for applying to take the Board Examination in June 2023 is May 22, 2022.

 The Board Examination will be given in Little Rock, Arkansas on June 23, 2022.

 After receiving the O.D. Degree and making application to take the Board Examination, the optometrist may apply to the Arkansas State Board of Optometry to begin the required internship program.  The internship shall consist of at least 100 hours of supervised clinical training under the supervision of a board-certified ophthalmologist.  A logbook in which to record the hours must be obtained from the Board of Optometry. 

 Study the booklets on the Optometry Law and The Rules and Regulations to prepare for the test.



Don't forget to transition your student membership! ArOA will request contact information from all of the New Licentiates in July. We will turn in all of your information to the American Optometric Association (AOA) so that your membership won't be interrupted. If you have a change in contact information, please contact us at 501-661-7675 or e-mail

Q: How do I transition my AOSA student membership to AOA & ArOA professional status? A: First, get licensed. Next, join the AOA state or federal services affiliate in which your principle practice or place of employment is located.  You can join the Arkansas Optometric Association by contacting us here or calling ArOA at 501-661-7675.   Your AOA membership  is included automatically. You can find information about AOA state or federal services affiliates at or 

Q: What’s required if I’m in a residency program? A: Complimentary post-graduate membership continues until the end of the calendar year in which you complete your residency. Application for post-graduate membership must be made directly to the AOA state or federal services affiliate you select or the AOSA.  The ArOA will be contacted by AOA/AOSA so that your membership can remain intact.  A copy of your application will be forwarded to the AOA. To qualify, your status must be one of the following:

  • Non-practicing optometrist/full-time student in an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Optometrist engaged full-time as a resident or a fellow in a residency program approved by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education or by a school or college of optometry which is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education.
  • Optometrist engaged full-time as an intern in an internship program required by state law.

Q: Does the ArOA & AOA still have ascending dues for young practitioners? A: Yes. Newly licensed optometrists automatically receive a reduced, ascending schedule of dues for the year in which they are originally licensed and for four years following that.

Year of licensure – Free First calendar year following licensure – 90% discount - pay only 10% of full dues Second calendar year following licensure – 80% discount -  pay only 20% of full dues Third calendar year following licensure – 50% discount -  pay only 50% of full dues Fourth calendar year following licensure –25% discount - pay only  75% of full  dues Fifth calendar year following licensure and thereafter – 100% of full dues


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