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The Arkansas Optometric Association is your Trusted Resource. Never before has the health care system experienced such dramatic changes that will affect your practice.  ArOA and AOA will be there to keep you informed and answer your questions.  Our mission is to preserve, promote, and advance optometry in Arkansas, and we will continue to serve as The Voice of Optometry in Arkansas.  A full-time, active member pays only $4.16 per day for membership in the AOA and ArOA.  A first year doctor pays only 42 cents per day!   This is very small price to pay when compared to the many benefits of membership.

What did the Association achieve for you this year?

  • Educated members on changes that are affecting  their practices and businesses as a result of new laws and regulations, like ACA and HIPAA
  • Provided resources and current information to members to prepare them for the rapid changes in our health care system
  • Protected your ability to practice optometry at a high level
  • Ensured passage of legislation to ensure optometrists in the state could continue to prescribe hydrocodone even if there is a change in its classification
  • Successfully blocked legislation that could be harmful to Optometry
  • Provided 40 hours of Cope Approved CE including Coding Seminars/Updates
  • Increased student membership 
  • Created a new scholarship for student doctors in optometry school
  • Provided communication with students in optometry schools through a Mentor Program and Arkansas Student Club
  • Maintained an up-to-date list of practice opportunities around the state and facilitated connections between practicing doctors and students
  • Recognized  honors and awards achieved by members 
  • Added a number of new member benefit programs that will save doctors money
    • Total Merchant Services credit card processing
    • iMatrix website and social media design
    • Vision West Buying Group
    • Optometric Business Solutions partnership – Compliance manuals, etc

Arkansas Optometric Association is The Trusted Resource 


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