ArOA Awards

The awards committee accepts nominations for ArOA Awards each year between December and February.  Click here if you have a nomination for an award listed below.  Nominations should include the following: Name of Nominee, Name of person making nomination, name of award, reason for nomination as it relates to the criteria of the award (see description below).  Click here to view the 2020 Award Recipients.

O.D. Of The Year

The one O.D. who has made an outstanding accomplishment during the year.  Generally awarded to a member who has a history of exceptional service to the Association.

Distinguished Service Award

A member of the Association, who has distinguished his or herself in the service to  the profession over many years.  This is general considered to be an award for the mid career O.D. or older, but certainly not necessarily limited to the older O.D.s when the magnitude of service is so great for this most prestigious honor.

Special Service Award

A member of the Association who served the profession with excellence over a shorter period of time than the Distinguished Service Award.  This generally is considered to be an award for the mid career O.D. or younger, but not necessarily limited to the younger O.D. when the magnitude of service is so great over a shorter period of time that this award is justified.  Example: special projects and assignments.

A person who has made an outstanding contribution to our profession, the people of Arkansas, the Association and who may not necessarily be an O.D.

Young O.D. Of The Year

A young O.D. who has been in practice a minimum of four years.  The award should be made somewhere in the fourth to tenth year of service to the profession.

A person who shows promise and interest in ArOA leadership by volunteering his service to committees and special projects and showing an exceptional zeal.

Myron Shofner Award Of Excellence

    This award denotes legislative excellence.  A mentor optometrist who has been an excellent example of professionalism and has been very active in the legal legislative arena, with a long history of service to the ArOA.

An optometrist who is serving or has served in the Arkansas legislature with distinction and has worked for the good of the people of Arkansas.

 Lifetime of Excellence Award

This award is given to an optometrist who has exemplified the highest ethical, professional and caring character during his or her practice life and who has reached the later years of their service to optometry, or has retired, and has shown a willingness to serve in numerous capacities.  His/her career has been an example for all Arkansas Optometrists to follow and their life has been one that has had a positive influence upon their family, community and peers.  This member has been an example to others of what it means to put the Arkansas Optometric Association ahead of personal goals.


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